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15 May 2009

Resort Life

Aware to some extent of my ordeal on the road yesterday, the hotel surprised us with an upgrade to a suite. We had a view of the ocean and the pool not to mention 3 bathrooms! It was a gift to be sure, and we lounged about and enjoyed the decadence as much as we could in a day.

The pool had a water slide (kids first time going down one alone) and I waited at the bottom to make sure everyone came out in one piece. Peanut came down, happy but cautious. Little Man came down, cocky but cautious. Then Doodle came whizzing down twice as fast as the other two, on her belly, screaming with delight!

We were freezing with the threatening sky overhead, but still managed to get sun-kissed cheeks and the knots in my shoulders relaxed. While it's hard to imagine ever going to a resort for a vacation, today I fully understood those families who do.

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