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15 May 2009

Our Resident Knight

Whatever memories from this trip actually make it to adulthood, I know for certain that a memory was made tonight: Little Man was Knighted.

There are only a handful of Medieval Times locations and Myrtle Beach happens to be one of them. For the love of my Little Man, we just had to go. Now, it's difficult to describe
precisely what was experienced here; sublime grandeur, fantasy turned reality, something truly magical if you're a 6 year old boy who wants to be Knight when he grows up.

When you walk in, you're given a paper crown, your picture is taken and you're told who your Knight is; you cheer for your own Knight and boo the others throughout the show. It's set up like a tournament, with games of skill, presented to a King at his dinner party.

Before the show began they held a Knighting Ceremony. Little Man was the only one who participated so he was treated rather special -- he even had his name congratulated during the show with commentary about our 50 States Road Trip!

After the show the kids got to meet the big, sweaty Knights (and the princess) to have their pictures taken and get autographs. They were full of questions and awe, and it reminded me of Santa Claus -- their minds knew the Knights weren't real, yet in their hearts they believed they were real.

Apparently Little Man had a serious talk with one of them, because he is dead set on returning here when he's 15 years old to start training!
Keep in mind that these Knights fight with real weapons and armor, and are impressive horsemen.

Dinner incidentally is served during the show, without silverware! Dragon soup made of ears, tails and eyeballs was our first course. Practically an entire roast chicken was plunked on our plates next, along with ribs, bread and some kind of potato. The girls dug in, but Little Man almost changed professions. Almost.

And one final important note: The Medieval Times gift shop reigns superior and believe me, I'd lay odds that I've been in more gift shops than any of you this year. In the end Doodle and Little Man were fully decorated -- and although I never thought we'd top his ukulele (see Hawaii post), tonight Little Man was adorned with his best souvenirs yet.


  1. What a cool experience. I'm it's one that Little Man will carry with him forever.

  2. Hey!! Thank you so much for our Medieval Times t-shirts. They are awesome and we really appreciate you thinking of us. Hope you all are doing well.

    Love you all,

    Amie & David Stopper :)