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22 May 2009

Tooth Fairy Joins us for a #4 Round

Little Man lost his 3rd tooth of the trip -- front and center. This one he actually let me pull out before swallowing it in a hamburger (see other tooth posts).

So, despite the rain, it was a fine day for him. First, he got an exceptional Halloween costume for this year, and now he'll get a visit from the Tooth Fairy! I've had something for him since Kentucky,

when I thought it might come out on this trip. They always take longer than I imagine...

When I was tucking him in tonight he pleaded, "Try to remember okay, mom?" (I have to admit I'm not the most reliable fairy. One morning Peanut came running into my room and said, "Mo-om, you forgot again!" I told her how sorry I was for the 2nd night in a row, but that this Tooth Fairy is exhausted at night.)


  1. Oh my gosh, Curly Top! I am the worst tooth fairy in the world. Slugger and Sprite lost teeth within a day of each other last week. Slugger came running in to my room in the morning and said the same exact thing as Peanut!! Ha! And I also said I was just so sorry, but momma is tired :)
    Glad I'm not alone!!

  2. Artist Cousin28 May, 2009 10:31

    Curly Top no one is a worse tooth fairy than the ONE TIME my dad did the errand. He tripped against the corner of my bed as he came in the room then dropped the 50 cent piece between my bed and night stand. I was 9 and trying so hard to keep pretending I was asleep instead of laughing. Clumsy tooth fairies are worse than belated ones!

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