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18 May 2009

South Carolina - State #48

As a side note we're having History Overload.

Before leaving South Carolina, I'd like to mention two things that are special to the Charleston area: sweet grass baskets and Lowcountry Cuisine.

Along the road in little shacks, and in every shop, tourist attraction and open market there are African American

women selling and weaving sweet grass baskets. They are lovely! We bought a little one for Grandma, but I never actually found the perfect one for me.

The weaver told me that she had just taught her nephew to weave 2 years ago, and that her family has been weaving for 7 generations. You can find them here, and on the coast of West Africa. That's it.
Prices are high, but I suspect they should even be higher.

We found ourselves wandering around looking for a dinner spot the other night, when we happened upon an intriguing restaurant down a pretty alley. It turned out to be 82 Queen Restaurant where we discovered
Lowcountry Cuisine. This will go down forever as a particularly savory memory for me!

Tomcat and I also had the good fortune of a dinner date (thank you, thank you, Grandma) and we had to find more of this delectably gooey fare which was pretty easy. Describing what makes this food different is tricky but we decided it has to start with some kind of starch like cornbread or grits (which are highly underrated in my opinion), then smothered with a delicious sauce and seafood.

Check out my breakfast this morning: "shrimp and grits" which showed up covered in brown gravy. The server said it was a standard breakfast item; looked bad, tasted deeeelicious.

Crossing into Georgia today, we did a U-turn for our Welcome to South Carolina picture and I said, "Who's crazy enough to get out for a picture in the rain?" As it turns out Grandma is the only sane person we've got with us.

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