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19 May 2009

Georgia - State #49

Our Georgia picture was another miss because Georgia borders South Carolina on a river. Now, I've stopped on dangerous bridges before for a picture with the welcome sign, but this one was simply impossible. We do actually want to make it to our 50th state alive after all.

Today we left for
possibly our most anticipated destination of this entire trip: Cumberland Island. It's only a few miles from Florida, so we quickly crossed over the line (without mentioning it to the kids) and did a U-turn for yet another welcome sign shot in the pouring rain!

In case you're unfamiliar with Cumberland, it's a small island -- almost pure nature -- with only one fancy-schmancy all-inclusive hotel, The Greyfield Inn. I'm a bit terrified about this because it'll end up being our priciest stop on the entire 50 states road trip and the dinner requires men to wear a jacket. Do you get the picture? Honeymooners come here. JFK Jr. was married here.

Kids under 5 aren't normally allowed, and they're making an exception for Doodle which I'm uncertain is warranted. How will the kids handle this? They've sworn to be calm and nearly silent during dinner this one night and to say "thank you" for whatever gets put on their plate. This potentially torturous evening will allow them to enjoy all that the island has to offer: sand, bikes, places to run free, hiking trails, very wild ponies, alligators and countless birds.

Focused on catching our ferry, we had just enough time to pop over for a quick visit to the
Tybee Island lighthouse before leaving Savannah. It happens to be every bit as stunning as those we saw in North Carolina, but unfortunately, it's closed on Tuesdays!

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