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16 May 2009

Gaters like Sun

Tomcat joined us here in Charleston, SC last night so the kids were wound up from the minute they opened their eyes this morning.

Remember his view of New Orleans was through a window in the E.R. so he really got gypped missing the Honey Swamp Tour
(see Louisiana post). To make it up to him, we decided to try the train tour

at the Magnolia Plantation one more time. Success!

Guess what? Alligators like sun and we saw plenty of them. Birds, too. We even saw two pelican babies duke it out for more space in their nest -- they're located at
1 o'clock in the cypress tree, which happens to be loaded with different types of bird nests.

The guide said that this neighborhood was a tough one.

If one of the birds pushed the other one out, it'd quickly become a gater snack!


  1. soooo cool! Were you just beside your self with excitement! Seeing alligators? holy cow!

  2. Yay!! The return of Tomcat :)